My Introduction

Hello my name is Kaline Schwanke (Kuh-lean Sh-wan-key) and I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. I am currently a college student attending Hillsborough Community College and plan to transfer over to the University of South Florida next semester to acquire my Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications. I currently work for Nordstrom as a sales associate in the Kids Wear department. I absolutely love my coworkers, job and even the company in general that I work for. It never truly feels like work to me because I’m allowed to be surrounded by great people and fashion all day which personally for me I could not ask for anything better! Truthfully, I hope to one day become a fashion merchandiser or visual stylist for a high end designer that is my absolute dream. Last but certainly not least, I should also mention that my favorite sports team is by far the Tampa Bay Lightning! To be quite honest, I’m genuinely so blessed I have a lot to thank God for I have wonderful job, family, friends and boyfriend it doesn’t get much better than that!


One thought on “My Introduction

  1. Hey Kaline! I know someone who also works at Nordstrom and they love it there as well. Being surrounded by great people and fashion sounds like a pretty great place for a job. I also dream of entering the fashion industry to work with high end designers. Congrats on your transfer to USF!


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