Interview Preparation

The person I am eagerly preparing to interview is an older gentlemen named Ken Whitten. Whitten is the senior pastor at Idlewild Baptist Church and has been for over 25 years now. I chose to interview him because not only do I believe he helps do amazing things throughout Tampa Bay but he has such a pure and genuine heart for people. As far as preparation goes, I prepared for the interview by gathering my list of questions I intend to ask and by emailing back and forth with his secretary Paula to schedule a time. The biggest challenges I faced during this pre interview process would be finding a date and time that worked with both of our busy schedules. Of course when we had finally settled on a time and set up an appointment, Hurricane Irma postponed that. Now with everyone returning back to some kind of normalcy after the storm I have been in touch with not only Paula but Ken himself. I plan to interview him by the end of the week and needless to say I’m eager to finally interview Pastor Ken.


2 thoughts on “Interview Preparation

  1. This is really cool, I quite like the idea of interviewing someone with whom we believe to have pure altruistic intentions. It’s great to find the best in humanity as it gives the rest of us hope that there is good in such a chaotic world ya know? Anyways keep us posted and let us know how it went.


  2. Hey Kaline!
    Yeah preparation for my interview was so last minute due to Irma! The hurricane really took me off schedule as well! And I’m not a fan of missing class! I hope it goes well! Good luck! Can’t wait to read it!


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