Story Focus

I believe people whether they are religious or not are generally curious about church and what goes on besides worship. This is why I’ve decided to interview the Senior Pastor at Idlewild Baptist Church, Ken Whitten. Not only does this man have an interesting story, but the way he dedicates his life to others is refreshing as opposed to today’s news that is typically only filled with despair and tragedy. The story is relevant to HCC students because not just Pastor Ken alone but Idlewild as a church is doing countless things to improve our community and beyond. My main perspective of this story will be from Whitten himself and then I will also give my own perspective. Overall, I would like to accomplish a story that fills you in on his background and how he came to be where he is today. I will be asking him about 10 to 15 questions relating to the topic and then gather more information to use in my story and verify facts from Idlewild’s official website.


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