Known as one of the biggest parades in the country, the Gasparilla Parade is a highly anticipated event for many people especially those that live in the Tampa Bay area. This tradition brings over 300,000 people near and far whom attend this event that is hosted every January along Bayshore Boulevard. The extravaganza brings in an average of over $44 million in revenue according to the city of Tampa’s official website. As a matter of fact, it may be surprising for some to learn the true history of what started this massive celebration was a legendary pirate named Jose Gaspar, who terrorized the West coast of Florida. Gaspar supposedly had buried treasure somewhere along the Florida coast though it has never been discovered. The story of the swashbuckling pirate resurfaced in 1904 when the Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla was formed and adopted him as the patron of the city wide celebration.


2 thoughts on “GASPARILLA

  1. Kaline, is this your next story idea? If so, I look forward to reading about it. I have been to the parade, but I never really looked into the history of the whole event. This is also a great story idea because it will most likely interest most people who live in the Tampa Bay area.


  2. Hey Kaline
    I love Gasparilla, It’s one of the biggest parades in Tampa Bay. Also, what is the history of Gasparilla how did it start? I’m excited about this story because I didn’t know many people from Tampa goes to this event.


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