Tampa Bay Lightning

Being a huge Tampa Bay Lightning fan since I was a child, it only seems fitting to choose the Bolts as my topic for a photo journalism project. The energy and dedication you experience at Lightning games is unlike any other, especially when compared to the other Bay area sports teams. This is largely due to the successful past few seasons the Lightning have had, which has definitely played a part in the growth of their fan base. As a matter of fact, last October ESPN’s Ultimate Rankings ranked the Tampa Bay Lightning the best franchise out of 122 teams across all four US sports leagues. Which is absolutely incredible when you truly think about the Bolt’s being ranked first before any other hockey, baseball, basketball or even football team. This was a result of not only our owner Jeff Vinik’s dedication to our team but the overall dedication of the players and staff. I personally believe it is important to focus on the increasing support of our hockey team because it seems that the more people who support the Bolt’s the better our team seems to be doing overall throughout the season. Ultimately, I would love to highlight this world class organization and make clear why not only I, but other people in the Tampa Bay area are passionate about Lightning Hockey.


4 thoughts on “Tampa Bay Lightning

  1. Hey Kaline! This is definitely a fun topic that many hockey fans would love to read. I too am a huge lightning fan and absolutely enjoy the many festivities that come with the games. The Tampa Bay Lightning have certainly gotten a bigger fan base, and like you said they have had better seasons lately, perhaps due to the support. Our city is proud to have such a great team and the support is clear through the many banners and signs hanging on buildings everywhere. Go Bolts!


  2. Kaline,
    The idea of doing a photojournalism piece on the Tampa Bay Lightning is terrific! In and of itself, just being a spectator of a hockey game is exciting, especially if you have been lucky enough to get a seat on the glass. The faces smashed up to yours, the sounds of the body slams. It is after all fair play.
    The Viniks’ are one class act themselves. So, community driven. You want the Lightning to go to the finals and get the Stanley Cup not just for Tampa Bay, but for such a group as this. Should be a great photo shoot.


  3. Hey Kaline, I’m doing a sports photo story myself, for little league softball, but I would love to be able to photograph a professional hockey game and completely agree that they need more support. Though getting close enough for detailed pictures might be difficult, I don’t know what tricks you have up your sleeves, there’s always something in the rink worth shooting. Good luck!


  4. Hey Kaline,
    I love sports i’m also doing a sports photo story as well for my former high school football team. I love hockey but i never been to a hockey game but i want to go. But The Tampa Bay Lightning have certainly gotten a bigger fan base, and like you said they have had better seasons lately, perhaps due to the support. Good Luck with your photo story! Go Bolts.


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