Hate Crimes in the US

The Newsy story I choose to write my assignment on is titled, Hate Crimes Have Risen For 2 Years In A Row In The US. This news story talks about the undeniable facts that hate crimes in the United States are rising and are continuing to do so. It seems every day now you turn on the TV and another hate crime is mentioned on the news. The video talks about the fact that it is happening so frequently that some incidents aren’t even being mentioned in the media. The world we live in today is filled with an immense amount of hatred, which is really sad and concerning to me and many others living in America. I believe that this has become more common because tensions are high between civilians and law enforcement. Not to mention, our current President is also extremely racists which could be to blame for some of the outburst that have taken place lately. My story assignment will be looking into the cause and effect of these hate crimes that have become prevalent in our society today.

Hate Crimes Rising Nationwide:



2 thoughts on “Hate Crimes in the US

  1. I completely agree with you. It really does look like there’s a new “breaking news” story every ten minutes about hate crimes, to the point where there’s almost too many to keep caring about. We’re all being desensitized to the idea that people just go into public places and shoot a dozen innocents and there’s no preventing it. I think it’s a great story idea, best of luck to you.


  2. Hey Kaline! Hate crimes definitely are higher now in the U.S now especially due to our current President. Its sad to turn on the news and everyday see something completely new going on in our nation. Its true that many incidents aren’t even being mentioned in the media and that often stirs up conversations.


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